Rolling power outages began in Ukraine

The regional council of the Kherson region of Ukraine announced power outages in the region

region Egor Ustinov. The MP listed several areas where power outages have forced hospitals and other infrastructure to run on diesel generators. This is reported by TASS.

“During the month there are rolling blackouts in Novotroitsk, Genichesk, Nizhneserogoz and other districts. Therefore, the daily mantras from the authorities that everything is fine and there are no blackouts is a complete absurdity, “Ustinov said.

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The deputy blames the inaction of the Kiev authorities for the power outages in the region. In his opinion, the leadership of Ukraine should take urgent measures to overcome the energy crisis in order to solve the problem with the lack of energy resources on the ground.

“It is necessary to introduce a moratorium on increasing tariffs, urgently conclude direct contracts for energy resources, provide state support to coal mining enterprises countries “, – explained Ustinov's position.

In early November, it became known that 51 out of 88 operating power units at the country's thermal power plants (TPP) were shut down in Ukraine. The reason is the lack of fuel, primarily coal. As of 2019, TPPs provided 29 percent of all electricity in Ukraine, yielding first place only to electricity from nuclear power plants.