Relations between China and Lithuania were described with the words “elephant crushed a fly”

The Global Times: China can “crush Lithuania like an elephant fly”

Lithuania does not have enough resources to conduct a diplomatic struggle with China, although it is trying to do so after the decision to open a diplomatic mission of Taiwan in Vilnius. This is stated in the editorial column of the Chinese edition of The Global Times.

The purpose of the article is to conduct an “honest conversation” with readers, the authors of the column assure. The article describes how Beijing is “trying to maintain respect” towards Vilnius, despite the behavior that is unacceptable to the Chinese authorities. At the same time, the editorial staff of The Global Times is convinced that Lithuania is trying to strike, “although it will never be able to do it.”

“Lithuania is a very small country. Does she even have the opportunity to really spoil relations with China and run into problems? The population of this country is even less than the population of the Chaoyang region in Beijing, “- this is how they described what is happening in the material. In addition, the authors are confident that in this situation, China is actually “an elephant that crushed a fly.”

On August 10, China recalled its ambassador from Lithuania after a decision was made to open a diplomatic mission of Taiwan in Vilnius. Beijing expressed a strong protest against this step and asked the Lithuanian side to withdraw its representative from China.

In response, Lithuania announced its intention to develop “mutually beneficial relations with Taiwan, as many other European countries do. union and the rest of the world. ”

Taiwan got out of Beijing’s control in 1949, when representatives of the Chinese Kuomintang Party left after the defeat in the civil war. Despite this, the PRC continues to consider the island its territory.