Psychiatrist appreciated the idea to change the rules for obtaining medical certificates for motorists

Psychiatrist Kazantsev: the introduction of new rules for obtaining medical certificates for motorists is justified innovations in obtaining certificates for motorists are justified. So the idea of ​​the Ministry of Health of Russia was appreciated by the psychiatrist-narcologist Alexey Kazantsev, his words are quoted by REN TV.

The doctor noted that the level of medical examinations in drug dispensaries is low, due to the large number of people wishing to undergo tests. At the same time, doctors are financially interested in quickly conducting an examination, since their salary depends on the number of patients.

At the same time, Kazantsev noted that narcotic drugs lead to lethargy and drowsiness, or vice versa, to excessive activity. This can harm the person driving.

The doctor also noted that many people learn about their health problems during the medical examination.