Nutritionists named the four best breakfast foods for weight loss

Eat This, Not That !: Oatmeal, Eggs, and Greek Yogurt for Breakfast Can Help You Lose Weight meals that should be eaten for breakfast for those who do not want to gain extra pounds or seek to lose weight. Reported by Eat This, Not That!

Experts believe that oatmeal, egg dishes, protein shakes, and Greek yogurt are best for weight loss. “Oatmeal will help you feel fuller longer because it contains slow carbohydrates. They provide energy for a long time, do not raise blood sugar levels and do not cause fatigue, “says nutritionist Paula Doebrich.

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Michelle Riker supported her colleague and added that oatmeal and cereal contain a lot of fiber, which has a positive effect on the heart and digestion processes. In addition, Riker recommends eating meals made with eggs every morning. “Eggs are a great source of protein to help balance blood sugar and speed up your metabolism. In combination with fiber-rich vegetables, eggs are an excellent choice for people who want to lose weight, ”said the nutritionist.

Riker also advised drinking protein shakes in the morning, adding fruits and vegetables to them. According to the specialist, this will provide the body with 20-30 grams of protein, which is necessary for proper metabolism. When combined with fiber, a protein shake can be very beneficial for keeping fit and losing weight.

Nutritionist Melissa Mitri recommends eating Greek yogurt for breakfast. According to her, it is an excellent source of protein. In addition, Mitri referred to studies that show that people who regularly consume Greek yogurt for breakfast tend to be in better physical shape and weigh less than those who do not.

Previously, nutritionist-cardiologist Asiyat Khachirova told how to make sandwiches less harmful. She believes that you should use whole grain bread and add boiled meat, lightly salted fish or cheese to it.