Migrants in Belarus were given soap and promised to showers on the street

Representatives of the Red Cross distributed bath accessories to migrants in Belarus

Migrants in Belarus received bath accessories. Red Cross representatives distributed soap, shampoos and toilet paper to people. However, there is still no place to use the hygiene kit. The information is reported by Sputnik.

On November 23, representatives of the European Commission arrived at the logistics center where the migrants were accommodated. By this time, Belarusians organized breakfast and distribution of bath accessories for migrants. Deputy Head of the Executive Committee of the Grodno Region Viktor Pranyuk told the European Commissioners about the state of affairs in the center.

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” Sosiks, wieners … Our volunteers share the stream, “Pravnyuk shared the breakfast arrangement. The deputy head also promised that showers will soon appear near the logistics center.

In total, about 1.8 thousand people are accommodated in the center. Migrants occupied one fifth of the warehouse area. Two ambulance brigades are on duty around them around the clock, the necessary food supply has been created.

Earlier, the governor of the Grodno region said that assistance to refugees from the Belarusian-Polish border was organized by the forces of civil society in Belarus – ordinary citizens, volunteers and businessmen.