Men in Russia were more likely to receive the annual prize

“”: every fifth Russian will receive a bonus at the end of the year

Every fifth resident of Russia (22 percent of the population) counts on a bonus at the end of the year, the research center of the job search service “” found out in a survey. A copy of the document is at the disposal of At the same time, men were more likely to receive incentive payments than women.

In addition, two-thirds of the men surveyed believe that they deserve an annual bonus, regardless of the quality and volume of work they have done. In total, 1,700 respondents from all over the country took part in the study. As for the size of the bonus, more than 45 percent of Russians who are confident in receiving it expect an amount equal to one salary, 27 percent expect a double salary, and 13 percent expect a triple salary. also found out from Russians, on what the issuance of an annual bonus in their company depends. The most common factors were the fulfillment of individual plans or KPIs (27 percent) and the volume of tasks completed (18 percent). Sometimes the remuneration is given to those who worked overtime (9 percent). More than 40 percent of Russians said they receive incentive payments annually, regardless of the reasons listed.

In addition, the residents of Russia shared their plans on how to spend the annual prize. 31 percent of those surveyed intend to invest this money in their vacation savings. 18 percent will have to spend the remuneration to pay off loans and mortgages. 13 percent considered it necessary to spend the amount on car expenses, 9 percent on paying off debts, 4 percent on investments.

Earlier in November, the SuperJob service recorded that the difference in salary expectations of women and men in Russia decreased from 15 up to 6 percent in ten years. In Moscow, the gap is 6 percent, in St. Petersburg – 8 percent. However, Russian women still rarely dare to ask for a salary that exceeds that of men.



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