Infectious disease specialist explained discrepancies in the number of waves of COVID-19

Infectionist Malyshev: there are no waves of COVID-19, because there is no official definition .ru “, why in the professional environment there are discrepancies regarding the number of waves of COVID-19.

Russia has come to an end.

“I believe that there are no waves, because there is no official definition of a wave. Some believe that the fifth has already passed, and there will be discrepancies in opinions, because initially they did not agree on the terminology, “Malyshev said.

According to the infectious disease specialist, there are concepts of” growth “and” decline “, the latter says only that there is a decrease in statistics, and does not guarantee that after some time there will be no increase.

“The incidence is increasing, as it began two years ago, and continues. Only what was at the beginning, when there were no vaccines, went naturally, and now it is already associated with vaccination, we can influence this process, but it turns out that it is not very good, because the people are vaccinated, to put it mildly, badly, ”concluded infectious disease specialist.



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