In Novosibirsk, a patient with 100% lung disease defeats COVID-19

The Russian woman defeated COVID-19 and told how to survive with “all-consuming helplessness” a patient with 100% lung involvement. Her story and how to survive in “absolute all-consuming helplessness” is quoted by NGS.

Veronica Belousova, 37, was hospitalized in mid-July. She noticed the first symptoms of the disease on July 14 and, catching a coronavirus infection, did a CT scan. After that, she was hospitalized, as the image showed that the lungs were affected by 48 percent. In the hospital, COVID-19 developed rapidly, “totally” engulfing the respiratory system in a few days.

According to the Russian woman, the infection “devoured” her, although she “did it very kindly.” Doctors urgently sent her to intensive care, where she spent about 18 days on a ventilator. “As far as I remember, I was conscious all the time … Only when I got out of the intensive care unit, I realized that one lung was totally affected by 100 percent, and the second by 98 percent,” she said.

A local resident added that, nevertheless, if a person ends up in a hospital with an infection, do not panic, as this will only aggravate the situation and health itself. “I was helped by the kind notes of my relatives, which they brought me, – it was a thread of communication with them. And every word written there meant so much to me (…) And it gave me strength! I so wanted to live … for their sake, for myself, for my daughter, “she explained.

In conclusion, the Russian woman advised not to postpone the visit to the doctors. “Fight for your life, keep your attitude, accept everything with gratitude, help doctors treat you, and drugs – to act for the good!” – she said.

Earlier in Tatarstan, doctors of a temporary infectious diseases hospital at a clinical hospital cured a 106-year-old local woman from COVID-19. Maria Smelova was hospitalized in a moderate condition with 10% lung damage.