Gunzburg assessed the pace of research on coronavirus in the world

Head of the Gamaleya Gunzburg Center: No special breakthroughs in the study of COVID-19 have been achieved in the world

Director of the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology Gamalei Alexander Gunzburg estimated the pace of coronavirus research in the world. He told RIA Novosti about this.

According to him, no particular breakthroughs in the study of COVID-19 have yet been achieved. Gunzburg explained that all possible breakthroughs come down to the possibility of treatment, since vaccines already exist and will be improved in the future. “In the sense that we will respond to external influences,” the head of the center emphasized.

Earlier, Gunzburg spoke about the possible timing of the study of a vaccine against COVID-19 for children 6-11 years old. According to him, the package of documents for the study of the children's vaccine will be submitted after the approval of the drug for adolescents. As Gunzburg explained, the vaccine for children will consist of “Sputnik V” diluted a certain number of times. Once the adolescent vaccine research is approved, it can go into civilian circulation.