Garkalin's daughter denied allegations of the actor's fake vaccination certificate

Valery Garkalin's daughter Nika: her father was a supporter of vaccinations coronavirus and bought a fake vaccination certificate. This is reported by in its Telegram channel.

According to her, the artist was vaccinated with two components of the Sputnik V drug in the summer. Prior to that, he also received the CooviVac vaccine, but he did not develop antibodies. “My father was a supporter of vaccinations, this is a fact,” she added.

Earlier, TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva announced that Garkalin had not been vaccinated. Later, producer Yevgeny Fridlyand said that Garkalin had confessed to him that he had bought the certificate.

Later, Fridlyand refused to confirm his words in a conversation with the journalist of Moskovsky Komsomolets and hung up. Nika Garkalina, in turn, said that she did not know if her father knew the producer.

Garkalina was hospitalized in a hospital in Kommunarka with confirmed COVID-19 in early October. Later he was connected to a ventilator and injected into a drug-induced coma. In November, his condition worsened: first he developed pneumothorax, after which his organs began to fail, and then septic shock came. The artist died at the age of 67 on November 20.



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