Garkalin was vaccinated against coronavirus four months before the disease

KP.RU: artist Garkalin who died from COVID-19 was vaccinated 4 months before the illness

Actor Valery Garkalin, who died on November 20, four months before being infected with the coronavirus, he completed a full course of vaccination. This is reported by KP.RU with reference to a health source.

“The medical record of Valery Garkalin, who died from coronavirus, states that the artist was vaccinated with Sputnik V in May this year. There is no information about any other vaccinations given earlier or later in the patient's medical history, “the source said.

According to him, the artist fell ill with COVID-19 four months after vaccination.

Earlier on November 23, Garkalina's daughter Nika denied claims that her father was not vaccinated against coronavirus and bought a fake vaccination certificate. According to her, the artist was vaccinated in the summer with two components of Sputnik V. Prior to that, he also received the KoviVac vaccine, but he did not develop antibodies.

Garkalina was hospitalized in a hospital in Kommunarka with confirmed COVID-19 in early October. Later he was connected to a ventilator and injected into a drug-induced coma. Doctors fought for the artist's life for several weeks, but they could not save him – on November 20, Garkalin died.

On November 19, Deputy Director for Research at the Gamaleya Center Denis Logunov said that deaths from vaccination against a new coronavirus infection with the drug Sputnik V is missing. Infectious disease doctor Yevgeny Timakov, in turn, called Sputnik V the most effective vaccine, as it prevents severe disease, death and the disease itself.

Sputnik V was registered in Russia in the summer of 2020. The drug is widely used in many foreign countries, but has not yet been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).



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