Dr. Myasnikov has named a drug that kills the thyroid gland

Doctor Alexander Myasnikov: the drug “Amiodarone” against arrhythmia kills the thyroid gland “On the channel” Russia 1 “named a drug that destroys the thyroid gland. The release is available on YouTube.

According to the doctor, the threat to the thyroid gland is posed by the drug Amiodarone, which is prescribed against atrial fibrillation. “How is it [the medicine] good? It perfectly relieves arrhythmias. This is probably the most powerful medicine for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. Why is it bad? It kills the thyroid gland, “Myasnikov emphasized.

The TV presenter clarified that this drug dramatically increases the amount of iodine in the body, since it consists of 37 percent of this substance. “One of the risk factors for any inflammation of the thyroid gland is an excess of iodine,” he explained.

Earlier, Myasnikov said that it is forbidden to drink alcohol for colds and flu. The specialist advised patients to consume warm drinks, such as tea with honey or cranberry juice. Also, as noted by the doctor, chicken broth is beneficial because it is rich in zinc and magnesium.