Doctors talk about the connection between sleep and severe course of coronavirus

Doctors Tsareva and Poluektov: people suffering from apnea are prone to severe COVID-19

People who suffer from snoring or sudden stops – apnea, more susceptible to severe COVID-19. Neurologist-somnologist Elena Tsareva and somnologist Mikhail Poluektov spoke about the connection between sleep and the form of coronavirus, reports URA.RU.

Tsareva explained that patients with respiratory arrest during sleep are seriously ill, because coronavirus, affecting the lungs, is a risk factor for worsening respiratory arrest during the period of illness.

“And with apnea, oxygen drops, and with coronavirus, oxygen drops. We treat such patients with special attention, “the doctor added.

Somnologist Poluektov confirmed that COVID-19 aggravates apnea. According to him, respiratory arrest during sleep is associated with a problem of the upper respiratory tract, and the coronavirus affects the lower respiratory tract.

Earlier, doctor Cheremushkin named factors complicating the course of COVID-19. According to him, any concomitant disease or pathology increases the risks of unfavorable conditions. These include hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus, blood pathology and oncological conditions, he added.