Belarusian border guards convict Poland of using explosives at the border

The Belarusian Border Committee: Polish soldiers used explosives

Polish soldiers used explosives against migrants in the border strip in the state borderline. The Belarusian border guards are sure that Poland is using special equipment specifically to create provocations at the border. BELTA reports the statement of the border committee.

“To disperse the refugees, the Polish servicemen used explosives, which they threw across the border line into the territory of Belarus. Such actions are aimed at provoking an aggressive response from the refugees and creating the preconditions for another provocation at the border, “the border guards said.

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Vzryvpaket is a pyrotechnic device designed to simulate the explosions of real ammunition. Under normal conditions, explosives are used mainly during exercises or war games. Failure to observe safety precautions from pyrotechnics can cause burns or other injuries to unprotected parts of the body.

Belarusian security officials claim that the use of special means violates international law. The country's investigative committee has already opened a criminal case against Polish soldiers under Article 128 of the Criminal Code of Belarus “Crime against the security of mankind. Mass atrocities committed in connection with race and ethnicity. ”

Earlier, the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko announced a sharp decline in the number of migrants at the border. Lukashenka has also repeatedly stressed that he is ready to assist in sending people home, to the countries of the Middle East. Migrants are confident that they will face devastation at home and lack of prospects for the future.



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