Anna Kuznetsova commented on the draft federal budget

Kuznetsova: budget articles confirmed the proposals of the United Russia people's program

State Duma Vice-Speaker Anna Kuznetsova noted that the draft federal law, which was adopted in the second reading, is supposed to allocate more than 18 trillion rubles for social policy.

“Costs will increase every year. If we compare 2021 and 2024, then the growth will be 13.5 percent, “she said.

The document provides for an increase in the size of the subsistence minimum, maternal capital at the birth (adoption) of the second, third and subsequent children.

“The amendments that we proposed earlier have been adopted – to increase the cost of housing for people with disabilities who were on the waiting list until 2005, to expand funding for the project on long-term care for people with disabilities, elderly people,” Anna said. Kuznetsova.

According to her, there are still areas in which to work further.

“The social block is the foundation of future decisions in the most sensitive area: support for families with children, pensioners , veterans, citizens in need. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully monitor not only the expansion of support, but also how these funds are implemented, how they help people, “she said.

Recall that on November 23, the State Duma adopted the draft budget with significant amendments by United Russia. It provides funding for the main directions of the party's popular program.