An oncological blockade woman who has operated on herself will receive multilateral assistance

A blockade with cancer who has made an incision will receive palliative care in a medical institution liquids, will be placed in a medical facility, where she will receive multilateral assistance. The paramedic of the Vyborg ambulance told about this, her words are quoted by the Telegram channel “RT in Russian”.

It is noted that the woman will be provided with palliative care. This is the name of an approach that will improve the life of a seriously ill patient by preventing suffering, treating pain, and providing psychosocial and spiritual support.

Earlier, the Health Committee of the Leningrad Region reported that the issue of further observation will be resolved after the condition improves. patient.

The incident became known on November 22. A resident of Vyborg could not stand the inaction of the doctors and, out of desperation, made incisions in her abdomen in order to release the fluid accumulated there, which appeared as a result of a complication caused by oncology. Before the operation, the pensioner left a suicide note to her daughter and grandchildren.



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