A teenager who was planning to shoot at school for an award found a gun

An illegal weapon appeared in the case of a teenager preparing an attack on a school in Kazan found an unregistered weapon. This was reported by Komsomolskaya Pravda.

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On November 22, it was reported that a 14-year-old teenager wanted to arrange a shooting in a school in Kazan for five thousand rubles from a stranger. He claimed that he had received the address of a clothing cache for the attack on the school. He noted that he wanted to do it in a Hate T-shirt with a bloody white rose in the style of the American subculture. Later, he said that he just wanted to take the money and do nothing.

The teenager was already registered in the juvenile affairs unit because of hooliganism, at school he was characterized only from the negative side. He was detained as soon as he opened the cache.

Earlier in Russia there was a number of emergency situations with shooting in educational institutions. In particular, on the morning of September 20, student Timur Bekmansurov came with a weapon to Perm University and opened fire there. Six people died, more than 40 were injured. A nearby traffic police inspector was able to neutralize it.