A picture of Hitler was found at the one who was preparing the attack on the school in Kazan

The FSB found an image of Hitler in a teenager preparing an attack on a school in Kazan Kazan, an air rifle and communications equipment containing requests on how to convert this type of weapon into a combat one. “Business Online” writes about this.

In addition, sources close to the investigation reported that an image of Adolf Hitler was noticed on the desktop of the detainee's home computer.

Pupils of school # 101, where planned to attack the teenager, they said that the suspect looked strange. They described him as a “toxic guy” with envy. According to the schoolchildren, several times the 14-year-old detainee was caught stealing things from other students.

Earlier it also became known that the teenager was promised a monetary reward if he agreed to launch an armed attack on a school in the Derbyshki area of ​​Kazan. According to sources, Ukrainian Yaroslav Ovsyuk contacted the teenager on Telegram and offered five thousand rubles for an attack on an educational institution. He also included the coordinates of a cache containing a T-shirt with the words “Hate” and an image of a bloody white rose in the style of the American subculture.

The detention of the teenager was reported on Tuesday, November 23rd. During interrogation, the suspect admitted that a resident of Ukraine had pushed him to commit mass murder.



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