A man sent a girl home from a date because of her embarrassing outfit

In the US, a guy on a date sent a girl home because of her outfit and was criticized online in the social network. The video, which appeared on her TikTok page, was noticed by the Daily Mail journalists.

Michigan resident Nikki Jabs said that she met boyfriend Greg on the Hinge app, and after several walks together, he invited her to move in. Three weeks later, the man invited her on a date, during which she was supposed to meet his friends and colleagues.

The heroine of the article admitted that she spent 40 minutes on makeup and hair while preparing for the meeting. As an outfit, the girl chose a long-sleeved crop top that exposed her belly, pink high-waisted pants, high-heeled shoes and a red raincoat. “I wasted so much time, and Greg thought my clothes were shameful and decided to send me home,” she complained.

According to Jabs, the man called her clothes too vulgar for an event in the sportswear production office. The American woman told her partner that she would only go to the meeting in this form and refused to change. Then Greg called a taxi for her to return home. “I cried in the car, and then packed my things and moved out,” she concluded.

Jabs's post went viral and received seven million views. Viewers supported her in the comments below the post. “What a goat,” “I don’t believe that this happens,” “Do such men really exist?”

In June 2020, Englishwoman Chantell Humphreys and her daughter Isabelle tried to be kicked out of the supermarket because they came to shop in crop tops. As soon as the visitors went inside, the employees asked them to leave the shopping area, arguing that they looked vulgar.