82-year-old pensioner reunited with 36-year-old lover after a year of separation

A pensioner from England reunited with an Egyptian husband 46 years younger than her reunited with her lover 46 years younger than her after a year of separation. This is reported by the Daily Mirror.

Related materials 00:04 – 8 November 2019 “It was an ordinary life.” She fled from Stalin, and he fled from Hitler. Then they got married and killed thousands of crocodiles 00:03 – 26 January 2018 Wild Lancewood Family >82-year-old Iris Jones met the Egyptian Mohammed Ahmed Ibriham in 2019 on Facebook, and a year later the couple got married in his homeland. Jones also converted to Islam for the sake of her beloved. The husband and wife in paints shared the details of their sex life on talk shows and claimed that their marriage was made for love, and there was no place for calculation in their relationship.

The sons of the British woman did not immediately accept the chosen one: after the pensioner publicly revealed the details of her intimate life, they stopped communicating with her. However, before Christmas, the family reunited and reconciled.

On November 3, Jones called Ibriham and said that he had received a British visa for three years and would soon fly to her. The call caught the woman at the grocery store. “There were many joyful shouts and screams. I cried as I sorted fruits and vegetables. My tears dripped onto the apples. It was amazing, “she said.

The British admitted that a year without a loved one was terrible, but now they are reunited, and she is really happy.

Earlier it was reported that after dating Jones Ibriham quit his job to spend more time with his beloved. At first, the couple tried to live in Cairo, but the pensioner found it difficult to endure the heat, and the Egyptian decided to move to the UK.



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