40-year-old semi-bald woman has changed beyond recognition with makeup

Blogger Christelle Lee showed her face before and after applying makeup and delighted fans surprised netizens with the changes that happened to her face. A related video appeared on her TikTok account.

First, 40-year-old Krystelle Lee showed off her look without makeup or hair. The video shows that the American has short hair and is partially bald. In the next shots, the blogger applied makeup in nude tones to her face and gave her eyes expressiveness with the help of black artificial eyelashes. The woman also wore a wig of thick chestnut strands.

The video went viral and received four million views and 460.8 thousand likes. Lee's fans felt that she had changed beyond recognition and admired her talent. “As soon as the video started, I knew immediately that the result would be amazing! I'm not disappointed “,” I'm shocked! Incredible transformation! ”,“ My husband had to watch this video four times to understand that this is the same person ”,“ Incredible abilities! You must become popular, “they wrote.

In October, subscribers called the change in the blogger's appearance after makeup magic. First, Ciara Owens starred without makeup, posing in home clothes and glasses. After that, the girl applied a bright make-up in the style of smoky eyes to her face, and also painted her lips with lipstick in nude shades. In addition, she let her hair down, put on piercings and a crop top with a deep neckline.