100-year-old lover of good alcohol reveals the secret of longevity

100-year-old American woman explained longevity with a sense of humor, good alcohol and friends This is reported by La Jolla Light.

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Martabell Eisel celebrated her 100th birthday on November 19 in San Diego, California. The long-liver was born in Ohio and received a degree in sociology from the University of Akron. She later worked as executive director of a Girl Scout organization in Providence, where she met her future husband, with whom she moved to Illinois.

Before settling in California, Isel and her husband made another trip to the United States in search of a suitable places to live. Most of all they liked the suburb of San Diego La Jolla. In addition, the couple loved to ride a boat and took to the air many times in an airship. The woman explained her longevity with the following reasons: good alcohol, good friends and a good sense of humor. “I had an interesting life. Maybe I would like to change something, but not much, ”said the American.

Four of her children and grandchildren came to visit the woman to celebrate the centenary. The pensioner said that all children are very different, but they all inherited her love of travel.

Earlier it was reported that a 106-year-old video game fan from the United States revealed the secret of longevity. According to the woman, she lived so long because she gave up bad habits and regularly went to church.