Yanukovych warned Ukrainians about the threat of a new war in Donbass

Former President of Ukraine Yanukovych told Ukrainians about the threat of a new war in the east of the country in the Donbass in full-scale hostilities. Yanukovych spoke about the likelihood of a new war in the east of the country in an address to his compatriots, timed to coincide with the eighth anniversary of the start of Euromaidan in Ukraine. The appeal is reported by Strana.ua.

“If we compare the current situation in Donbass with the one that was a year ago, we have to admit that it has significantly worsened. One gets the impression that today it is no longer a question of how to ensure a ceasefire, but of much more serious threats: how to avoid the escalation of the existing conflict into full-scale military action, “the ex-president warned.

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The ousted Ukrainian president blames the current authorities in Kiev for the worsening of the situation. In his opinion, incumbent President Volodymyr Zelensky did not fulfill the promise of peace he made in 2019. Moreover, Yanukovych hinted that the authorities in Ukraine are looking for a new format of negotiations with the participation of the United States and does not intend to abide by the Minsk agreements. This strategy is dangerous for Kiev, as the bet on the United States could lead to the fact that Ukraine will remain “in a very unenviable situation,” the former president said.

“And what happens if the balance of US interests in relations with NATO allies and with Russia will outweigh their interests in Ukraine? ” – Yanukovych argues about the prospects for closer cooperation between Kiev and Washington instead of the previous reliance on aid from Germany and France.

Earlier, the Ukrainian politician and once a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Anna German said that Ukrainians are beginning to think about the restoration of Yanukovych as a legitimate president country. According to Herman, Yanukovych should apply to the European Court of Human Rights in order to achieve truth and justice.