Woman buried her husband alive for the sake of his immortality

The husband asked his wife to bury him alive in order to live forever, and died that she buried her husband alive. According to Tribune India, the man himself asked her about it, because he believed that after this ritual he would live forever.

59-year-old Nagaraj visited several temples in the state and stated that he is a priest and communicates directly with God. He then built a small temple in his backyard on his own and began to give prophecy to the congregation.

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Nagaraj felt pain in his chest and told his wife Lakshmi that he would die. The Indian asked to be buried alive so that he could gain immortality. When her husband passed out, Lakshmi called two workers and asked them to dig a large hole. She announced that she was going to make a water tank. When the hole was ready, she buried her unconscious husband in it.

Nagaraja's daughter, who works in IT, came home and found that her father was not at home. At first, the mother did not tell her anything, despite numerous inquiries. Two days later, the woman confessed to what she had done.

The police dug the body out of the pit and sent it in for an autopsy. The autopsy results will show whether the man was buried alive.

Earlier it was reported that a blacksmith from Egypt called a friend to look for treasure, tricked him into digging a grave and buried him alive with the complicity of his wife. Both suspects will stand trial.



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