Ukraine accused the United States of blackmailing Zelensky

Former Rada deputy: the United States is forcing President Zelensky to start a war Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Yevgeny Muraev. The retired people's deputy accused the United States of blackmailing the Ukrainian leader on the air of the Ukraine 24 TV channel.

“What do the British and Americans want? They want to force Zelensky now, and, I assure you, they are blackmailing him with Wagnergate (the unsuccessful operation of the Ukrainian special services to detain Russian veterans of hostilities in Donbass, the details of which became known on November 17 – approx. “” ), and everyone else, so that he starts hostilities in the east of the country, “Muraev said.

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According to the former Rada deputy, Great Britain and the United States want to use hostilities in Ukraine as a pretext for introducing new sanctions against Russia. At the same time, Ukraine will not gain anything from the new military operation, since the Russian Armed Forces will necessarily intervene in it.

“There are 500 thousand Russian passports,” the politician warned, proving his thesis of an inevitable military response from Russia … In this scenario, Ukraine “will turn into a front line” and, as a result of the confrontation with Russia, will be divided into parts, Muraev said. The former deputy also named Romania and Hungary in the list of countries claiming Ukrainian territory.

Earlier in Ukraine, Zelensky was called a “traitor” during a ceremony in memory of the fallen Euromaidan activists. When Zelensky returned to his car, the crowd accompanied him with shouts of “shame”.