Tsyganova criticized “smeared” Vaenga for the performance of “Golden Domes”

Tsyganova criticized Vaenga for performing the song of the Circle “Golden Domes” “Golden domes” in the form of a bearded priest on the First Channel. The artist's words are quoted by Starhit.

“When I saw the number, I shouted:“ Lena, are you crazy? What a nightmare? ” I don’t know how she will wash off this horror, ”Tsyganova recalled.

The singer promised that retribution awaits Vaengu. “The song itself cannot be spoiled, so Vaenga did not smear it with her mediocre performance, but smeared it herself. She did not ask for any forgiveness after. On her part, it was empty hype, ingratiating herself with the public, blasphemy and complete bad taste – someday it will backfire, “she said.



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