The woman decided to stick on artificial eyelashes and could not close her eyes

A New Yorker glued her eyelashes to her upper eyelid and was left with an open eye with an open eye. This is reported by The Sun.

The woman, whose name is not specified, explained that she had never worn makeup before. She admitted that, inspired by beauty bloggers on social networks, she decided to try applying false eyelashes for the first time. The heroine of the material watched several training videos and bought everything necessary for the procedure: eyelashes, mascara and an applicator.

In the video, the American showed that she had accidentally glued artificial eyelashes to the upper eyelid of her right eye. “I need help because I couldn't close my eye. My God, look at this, he is literally stuck, “she explained.

Poison Control states that in such a situation it is necessary to rinse the eyes with water for 15 minutes, as for this time the glue should dissolve. If an allergic reaction occurs, experts recommend that you consult a doctor.

The heroine of the material, in turn, did not tell how she managed to get rid of the described problem.

Earlier in November, the master filmed extended glue for hair eyelashes of a girl and scared subscribers. In the posted footage, Ipek Ozcan showed a client's fake eyelashes, which she made in another beauty salon. According to the Englishwoman, during the extension, the master used hair glue instead of a special product for eyelashes. She showed that a layer of viscous black mass was abundantly applied to the roots, which glued all the girl's eyelashes together.



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