The stylist called clothes “cheapening” the appearance of a woman

The blogger recommended removing from the wardrobe cheap shoes and bags with scratches

London stylist Anna Bey which “reduce the cost” of a woman's appearance. The corresponding video appeared on her YouTube channel, which has over a million subscribers.

First of all, Anna Bey advised spectators to wear neutral underwear under light-colored items made of translucent fabrics such as silk or thin cotton … “It is better to buy sleek sets, because the outlines of lace on the fabric make the look less stylish,” she said.

In addition, the blogger recommended learning how to correctly combine different colors in an outfit. According to her, if a wardrobe item contains a print, it is necessary to select the rest of the clothes, relying on the shade of the pattern. “Do not be afraid to experiment with color, but do not overdo it, otherwise you will look like a clown,” Bey explained.

In addition, the heroine of the material stated that it is better to remove shoes and bags with scuffs and scratches from spoil the appearance of their owner. The stylist claims that it is also necessary to get rid of clothes with stains that have not been washed to the end of the dirt.

In addition, the specialist called things that are too small or, conversely, large, absurd. She advised to be more careful in choosing the size in order to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide its flaws.

In August, a journalist for the Who What Wear portal shared a way to look “expensive” without high costs. Maxine Eggenberger stated that faux and virgin wool knitted trouser suits are ideal for this purpose. In her opinion, such outfits look appropriate both during public outings and as home clothes.