The sister-in-law appeared at the wedding in a white dress without an invitation and angered the bride

The sister-in-law came to the wedding ceremony of her brother in a white outfit without permission

The groom's sister, without an invitation, appeared to the wedding ceremony in a white outfit and took out from myself. The corresponding post appeared on Reddit.

An anonymous friend of the bride explained that a relative of the groom showed her lovers a dress she bought for a wedding. Seeing the white outfit, the couple got angry and explained to her that it was inappropriate because its style was too similar to a wedding one.

The sister-in-law was offended and said that she would stop communicating with her brother forever if he marries his beloved. In response, the groom withdrew his invitation and did not allow his sister to come to the holiday. However, despite the ban, she came to the ceremony in a white outfit. The bridesmaid also attached a frame to the post, in which the girl is shown among the guests in a sparkling white maxi dress with a deep neckline and a high slit on the leg.

Netizens criticized her sister-in-law's act in the comments below the post. “I thought that the picture was a bride”, “And she is not ashamed of her. She disgraced herself “,” Honestly, I am ashamed that the groom let her stay at the party. I sympathize with the bride “,” I am shocked by women who do such things. And the groom in general is a strange person, “” Disgusting, “they said.

Earlier in November, the bride revealed her main mistake before preparing for the wedding. In the footage posted on the network, Nicole Pellegrino recommended not showing guests her wedding dress until the holiday. According to her, their negative reaction can affect the well-being of the bride before the ceremony.