The Russians were named the optimal cost of rest in Krasnaya Polyana in December

In December, you can book a hotel room on Krasnaya Polyana for 7.5 thousand rubles

ski resort Krasnaya Polyana near Sochi. KP.RU writes about this.

In four and five-star hotels, you can book a room for the first days of December for an average of 7.5 thousand rubles. At the same time, closer to the New Year, prices will rise to 33 thousand.

You can rent a three-room apartment five kilometers from Krasnaya Polyana for 15 thousand rubles, a two-room one – for 4.5 thousand, and the cost of a studio apartment is about 2 , 9 thousand per night.

In addition, travelers were told about the prices for food and entertainment. Lunch in a network cafe for one person will cost an average of 200 rubles, in a restaurant – 700 rubles.

Tourists were also advised to ride on the mountain seven-meter “megakowels” located at an altitude of 2.2 thousand meters. The cost of one session is 1000 rubles. Another option for outdoor activities is ballooning. From a bird's eye view, tourists will have views of the snow-capped valleys of the Mzymta and Laura rivers, the Achishkho and Chugush massifs. For skiing in a basket with a capacity of three people will have to pay five thousand rubles.

Earlier in November, tour operators called Krasnaya Polyana a budget alternative to skiing in the Alps. According to experienced travelers, the resort has many places for freeriding due to the proximity of the sea and a lot of snow. It is also noted that the resorts of Dombai, Elbrus and Sheregesh are popular.



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