The nutritionist urged to replace the record-high price of caviar and “do not grieve”

Nutritionist Grigoryan suggested replacing caviar on the New Year's table with fish and not grieving

Nutritionist Olga Grigorian urged Russians not a record rise in price of caviar, popular for the New Year's feast, and suggested replacing it with more useful products. About this on Monday, November 22, writes “Moskva speaks” in its Telegram-channel.

According to her, fish is suitable as an alternative. “In general, this is not a very useful product for us to grieve about this. There are fish fats in the carcass of fish, cod liver, tuna, “the specialist noted.

She recalled that caviar has a high calorie content and contains a lot of salt, and therefore it is harmful in large quantities.

“It's not so fanatical to fight for caviar, it's more of a tradition. If we are talking about omega, then there is more of it in herring. Our traditional dish, herring under a fur coat, will completely replace and fill all nutritional deficiencies, “Grigoryan believes.

Earlier on November 22, it became known that in October 2021 the average cost of salmon caviar in the country for the first time exceeded 5 thousand rubles per kilogram and reached an all-time high. Prices for this product have risen to such levels for the first time since 2000.