The Ministry of Health commented on the incident with a disabled person crawling through the hospital

Orenburg Ministry of Health: a disabled person was crawling around the hospital because he refused a wheelchair

In the city of Mednogorsk, Orenburg Region, an disabled person was crawling through the hospital because he refused a wheelchair. This is how the Ministry of Health of the Orenburg Region commented on the incident, according to the radio station “Moscow Says.” A voice-over claims that he was allegedly not given a wheelchair. After the publication of the video, the regional prosecutor's office began to check.

According to the regional Ministry of Health, the man argued his refusal by the fact that he did not use such equipment.

“Employees of the medical organization also offered the citizen to use a special wheelchair but were refused. The patient also did not need the help of the mobile team, “the department said.

They added that the Russian has special knee pads and elbow pads that help him move.

Earlier in Samara, doctors refused to treat a dying disabled person with the words “what's the point”. According to the mother of the Russian, he had a terrible seizure. The man was convulsing for several hours, the doctor saw it, but left.



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