The insides of the new AirPods are shown

IFixit called the new AirPods unrepairable A video showing the disassembly of the headset is available on the iFixit YouTube channel.

According to iFixit experts studying the possibility of repairing gadgets, Apple had to use a vise to open the new headphones. The experts pressed on the body of the device from both sides to detach the two halves of the earbuds from each other.

The authors showed the insides of AirPods, noting that the device is assembled using a lot of glue. Also, the components of the headphones are tightly adjacent to each other, which prevents the disassembly of the gadget. During the review, experts also opened the Beats Fit Pro headphones, which were also recently introduced by Apple. It turned out that both headsets have a similar design.

In conclusion, experts tried to remove the battery from the headphones and completely destroyed the AirPods case. The authors noted that the headphones are almost impossible to repair in the event of a breakdown and gave the device a zero out of ten points in the maintainability rating. The third generation AirPods for 16,490 rubles were presented on October 18.

At the beginning of the year, iFixit experts disassembled the most expensive Apple headphones. AirPods Max for 63 thousand rubles received six out of ten points in the maintainability rating.