The girl did the coloring in the beauty salon and lost the hair on the crown

The girl lightened dark regrown hair roots in the salon and shared the unsuccessful result result. The video posted on TikTok was noticed by The Sun journalists.

In the footage posted on the network, Mariah explained that she decided to go to a hairdresser to lighten dark regrown hair roots. In the video, she demonstrated that after the procedure, part of her hair broke at the base, which left short protruding strands on the top of her head. In the description for the post, the girl compared the resulting appearance to a bird.

“I don't blame my master. Being a platinum blonde is always a risk. I myself had to do something to prevent at least some of the damage I received, ”she explained. The publication went viral and gained 1.5 million views and 86.6 thousand likes.

Netizens supported Maria in the comments below the video. “I think it happens to every blonde. I'm sorry “,” Girl, I feel your pain! It was the same with me once. I wanted to cry ”,“ This is the worst thing that can happen when dyeing ”,“ This is the price for a perfect blond, ”they wrote.

Earlier in November, the hair broke on the girl's head after dyeing at home. Olivia Staniforth, a 22-year-old brunette, decided to dye the strands that frame her face a blonde with a supermarket-bought product. First, on the posted frames, the blogger applied it to the desired sections of the hair, and then wrapped them in foil. After a while, Stainforth showed the audience tufts of broken hair that had fallen out as a result of a chemical process.