The daughter of Nina Ruslanova accused doctors of the death of the actress

Nina Ruslanova's daughter said that the doctors refused to transfer the actress to the intensive care unit A post on this topic appeared on her Facebook account.

A relative of the artist said that she was hospitalized on October 25. On the fourth day of her stay there, her hemoglobin dropped, in connection with which Ruslanova was transferred to intensive care, where, after a blood transfusion, she had a massive heart attack. The celebrity was also found to have a polyp, which they decided to remove without waiting for the results of the histological examination. Later, the actress developed hospital pneumonia, but the CT scan showed only bronchitis. Five days later, it became known that Ruslanova had a coronavirus.

“She was transported in a simple ambulance to the 4th hospital on Dovator. There we begged to be put in intensive care. It was difficult to persuade. On Monday she was transferred to the department. Every day she felt bad for two hours, we could not find doctors, ”wrote Rudakova.

According to her, the doctors refused to transfer the actress to intensive care. They did this only after a sharp deterioration in the artist's condition. The daughter of the actress explained that she decided to tell this story because she was tired of lying.

On November 21, Ruslanova's death became known. The actress was 75 years old.