Russians were advised to risk tax evasion when renting apartments

FTS: 90 percent of rental apartments in Russia are leased via the Internet, it is easy to track them And Russians shouldn't risk tax evasion if they get money from tenants. This advice was given by the head of the Federal Tax Service (FTS) Daniil Egorov on the air of the Russia 24 TV channel.

As the official noted, 90 percent of apartments are rented through advertising on the Internet. “This is not the most difficult resource to access in order for us to identify this lease,” he said.

Egorov stressed that “the tax regime on professional income, a voluntary regime, was made specifically for such cases.” … A tax of four percent on the income received is not an amount “for which it is worth risking a lot,” said the head of the Federal Tax Service. The activation of a special tax regime for the self-employed takes three minutes, leaving it – one minute, the official said.

Earlier it became known that the Ministry of Finance will increase the tax burden for some Russians. We are talking, in particular, about citizens who are foreign tax residents and work for Russian companies. They will be obliged to pay personal income tax in Russia.



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