Russians promised to reduce housing prices in Crimea

Realtor Mayorov: real estate in Crimea will stop rising in price in two years in the local real estate market, the realtor Dmitry Mayorov told the Krym 24 channel.

According to the expert, in the foreseeable future, one should not expect a drop in the cost of housing in Crimea. “This will not happen soon, everything will depend on how much will be built,” he said.

The Crimean Ministry of Construction promises to increase the pace of construction in 2022, Mayorov noted, and if this plan is implemented, the apartments will cease to rise in price. “Now, if these rates continue, then, perhaps, in two years we will get some kind of plateau where the price will no longer rise,” the specialist concluded.

Earlier, in October, a real estate expert Anna Kostina, one of the Crimean real estate companies, said that since the beginning of 2021, real estate in Crimea has risen in price by an average of 25-35 percent, depending on the segment, and the upward trend in prices will continue next year.



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