Russian journalist left the country due to threats

Readovka: special correspondent of the edition Vasily Krestyaninov emigrated from Russia due to threats from the FSB … The journalist decided to leave the country due to threats from FSB officers. Representatives of the publication reported on his emigration in Telegram.

As explained in Readovka, Krestyaninov witnessed an accident on November 15. The journalist came to the OVD in the Meshchansky district of Moscow to give testimony, but there he was met by FSB officers.

“As Vasily himself told us, they began to threaten him there: they said that they had been following him for several weeks ( physically and in social networks), quoted messages from instant messengers, retold the browser history. They promised to arrange problems not only for him, but also for his relatives if he refuses to cooperate with the FSB. Vasya refused, “the publication says.

According to the publication, Krestyaninov decided to emigrate from Russia after consulting his lawyers. He left the country on November 22. The employee of Readovka plans to spend the nearest time in Georgia.

The statement of the site notes that Krestyaninov has been covering rallies and “high-profile actions” in recent months. In June, the newspaper's special correspondent filmed a performance with the shooting on Red Square by the actionist Pavel Krysevich.

Earlier, Roskomnadzor commented on the unblocking and removal of the Readovka portal from the list of banned sites. Representatives of the regulator reported that the editorial office removed the publications that violated the law. Before that, Readovka employees said that they got rid of seven materials about the activities of the deputy Dmitry Sablin.

Readovka was included in the register of banned sites in August. It was reported that the portal was on the list of illegal sites due to a lawsuit filed by bailiffs near Moscow.



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