Prices for services in the beauty salon of Morgenstern's wife became known

Prices for manicure in Dilara Zinatullina's salon vary from two to 11 thousand rubles

Cost of nail service , founded by the wife of rapper Morgenstern, Dilara Zinatullina, ranges from two to 11 thousand rubles. The relevant information appeared on the institution's website.

So, according to the price list, the price of a hardware or combined manicure is the lowest among other services and amounts to two thousand rubles. In addition, it became known that a manicure with gel polish in Dilara's salon will cost 3200 rubles, and nail extension – from 5500 to 11 thousand rubles, depending on the length.

At the same time, the cost of a pedicure fluctuates from 1,200 to 4,400 rubles: for example, a hardware manicure with a gel polish coating is offered at a price of 3,700 rudders, and a full pedicure without coating for men for four thousand rubles.

21-year-old Dilara Zinatullina opened her own salon beauty 18 November. The institution is located in Moscow on Smolenskaya Street. According to the entrepreneur, she was nervous about starting such a large project for the first time.



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