Peskov's daughter stood up for her brother after a post with a reaction to the death of a blogger in an accident

Peskov's daughter confirmed that her brother Mika took a screenshot of the fatal traffic accident in Moscow

-year-old brother Miku after his post on social networks, where he reacted to a fatal traffic accident in Moscow, in which blogger Said Gubdensky died. The girl in her Instagram account confirmed that her brother took a screenshot of someone else's post.

“He wanted to show that many people do not learn anything from such situations. Yes, it was necessary to indicate that this is a screen, “wrote the daughter of the press secretary of the President of Russia.

She explained that their parents raised them so that those around them would not think that they were” brainless representatives of golden youth. ” Peskova is sure that her brother would never have written such a story, realizing that his every step is closely watched by the media.

Earlier it was reported that Mika Peskov posted a story on his Instagram account with a reaction to the death of autoblogger Said Gubdensky, who caused a massive traffic accident on Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow. The young man placed the text on the background of a photograph of the steering wheel and the road. The author of the published lines notes that after resonant accidents he often promises himself “to drive with his head and not drive,” but after two or three days he returns to his previous driving style.

The accident in which Gubdensky died occurred 20 November on Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow. BMW, driven by the blogger, drove into Mercedes and Volvo. It was reported that the cause of the accident was speeding and a “game of checkers” – an attempt to go faster than the speed of the stream, constantly rearranging from row to row. In addition to Gubdensky, the president of the Federation of Automobile and Motorcycle Sports of Dagestan Zaur Ibragimov, who was in the BMW salon, died in an accident. Two more people were injured, but refused hospitalization.