Netherlands condemned violence during lockdown protests

The Dutch police will bring to justice everyone who was behind the riots during the protests during protests against the lockdown, which swept a number of Dutch cities over the weekend. Acting Prime Minister Mark Rutte condemned the riots and violence at demonstrations due to coronavirus restrictions, TASS reports.

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According to the politician, the right to demonstrate is fundamental, especially when there is tension in society due to the ongoing pandemic. “But I will never agree that idiots use pure violence against people who stand guard every day to protect the country,” he stressed.

Rutte described the past actions as pure violence, having nothing to do with the demonstrations. He promised that law enforcement officers will do everything possible to find people responsible for the chaos and looting, including “for the sake of those people who want to peacefully express their dissatisfaction during the demonstrations.”

The protests in the country began after after Rutte announced tightening restrictive measures due to the worsening situation with the coronavirus. From November 13 to December 4, a lockdown was introduced in the country and the opening hours of shops, restaurants and entertainment establishments were reduced.

During the riots, about 130 people were detained, many of them minors. In Groningen, demonstrators smashed a shop window, stole bicycles and damaged a bus stop. Cases of vandalism, arson and illegal fireworks have been reported across the country. A number of regions have declared a state of emergency.

Several people were injured due to police warning shots that were fired during the dispersal of protesters in Rotterdam. According to local media reports, at least two people were injured.



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