Myasnikov appreciated the idea of ​​banning the nationality of criminals from being indicated in the media

Dr. Myasnikov: the ban on indicating the nationality of the attacker has weaknesses the nationality of the criminals. In a post on Telegram, the doctor wrote that the draft law on specifying the nationality of attackers has many strengths, but there are also weaknesses.

“We all know for sure:“ criminals have no nationality, ”“ everyone is equal before the law, ”“ there is no need to incite ethnic hatred, ”and so on. I completely agree with this, ”said the TV presenter. The doctor added that if he were asked to express unambiguously for this idea or against it, he would choose the first option.

The doctor noted that there are stable national diasporas in Russia that have a strong influence on their representatives. Such groups, Myasnikov considered, are the least interested in the illegal acts of their members and damage to the reputation of the rest of their representatives.

“Look at the Chechens. Have you really heard a lot of negative things about them in this sense in recent years? Nobody will allow them to smear their national honor with hooliganism, we all know how R. Kadyrov (head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov – comment of ) reacts toughly and fairly, “the doctor wrote. Myasnikov expressed confidence that the rest of the diaspora should act in the same way.

At the same time, the doctor said that the worst condemnation is criticism from “insiders”. “But if the media keep quiet about [the violator’s nationality], then how will such antics get the proper publicity and condemnation? Will the police work with the heads of the diasporas? Well, probably, ”concluded the doctor.

Earlier it became known that the parliament of Chechnya submitted to the State Duma an initiative to prohibit mentioning in the media the nationality and religion of Russians who violated the law. The authors of the bill referred to provocative materials in social networks and the media, which, in their opinion, form a negative attitude towards ethnic groups. It was proposed to amend the law “On mass media” and the administrative code.



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