Moscow has noticed the end of the apartment boom

Est-a-Tet: the situation on the Moscow market of new buildings has stabilized

In the third quarter of 2021 the volume of demand for apartments in new buildings in Moscow was 869 thousand square meters is approximately equal to the average quarterly indicators in 2018-2019, according to the materials of the Est-a-Tet agency provided to

Analysts mark the end of the apartment boom in the capital and believe that in the fourth quarter, about 800 thousand square meters of housing under construction can be sold. “The situation on the market for new buildings has stabilized,” they state. – Mortgage rates are gradually reaching the level of 2018, the structure of issuance is also being adjusted, the volume of demand, taking into account persistently high prices, has also stabilized and is returning to the indicator of the pre-release period – to the level of 2019. ”

Peak value of demand for a new housing in Moscow was recorded in 2020, indicate in Est-a-Tet: in the fourth quarter, almost 1.5 million square meters were sold (within the old city boundaries).

Earlier it was reported that the demand for housing is gradually shifting outside Moscow – due to a sharp rise in prices for real estate in the capital, potential buyers of apartments are looking for alternative options in the Moscow region. Meanwhile, the volume of supply of new buildings in the region over the past five years has more than halved, analysts calculated.