Lukashenko reproached European politicians for wanting to “show off”

Lukashenko reproached European politicians for evading the solution of the migrant problem border. He spoke about this during a discussion with officials of the situation in the Grodno region, BelTA informs.

He said that he had previously asked the European Union and Germany to pick up two thousand refugees in a camp near the border with Poland, but in Europe refused to consider this problem and contact the Belarusian leadership.

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Lukashenko urged officials not to wait for Germany to take migrants home, and to cope with the situation on their own. He also threatened to close the entrance to Belarus for “international visitors” who want to “show off” but do not want to help the country's authorities in solving the refugee problem. At the same time, the President stressed that Minsk should continue to demand from Berlin to take migrants to itself.

Earlier, the Prime Minister of Lithuania Ingrida Shimonyte said that the European Commission (EC) is negotiating with Minsk on resolving the migration crisis at the border with Poland.

Prior to that, the interim German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in a conversation with Alexander Lukashenko, refused his offer to accept refugees from the Belarusian border in Germany.



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