Lukashenko explained Britain's exit from the EU by Trump's order

President of Belarus Lukashenko: Americans told Britain to leave the European Union

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in an interview with BBC EU) by order of former American leader Donald Trump.

Lukashenko said that he is building a Union State with Russia in the same way that Britain is with the United States. To the journalist's remark that the United States and Britain do not have a Union State, the Belarusian leader replied: “It will. You have more than a union state. The Americans told you to leave the European Union, Trump said you left. ”

When asked where there is evidence of this, Lukashenko said that there is evidence of mass protests in Minsk.

Earlier, Lukashenko assured that he was not discussing with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin the issue of a single president of the Union State. According to him, this topic is not even on the agenda.