Kuleba's words about the delay of Nord Stream 2 by Ukraine and the EU were denied in Germany

Bundestag deputy Gerdt: Ukraine is unlikely to affect the certification of Nord Stream 2 Nord Stream-2 ”to the extent that the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dmitry Kuleba speaks. The diplomat's reasoning about the delay in certification was denied by the deputy of the Bundestag from the Alternative for Germany party Waldemar Gerdt in a conversation with Izvestia.

“I think that Ukraine's influence on the Nord Stream 2 certification process, in which Mr. Kuleba is trying to convince us, it is greatly exaggerated. Ukraine was admitted to the certification dialogue, since it is a transit country, there is nothing unusual in this. The rest is all the wishes and attempts to make oneself important, “Gerdt believes.

The reasons for the suspension of the certification process are the desire of the United States to promote its gas on the European market, the politician is convinced.

Earlier, Kuleba said that Ukraine, together with its European partners, significantly slowed down the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project and won a lot of time for “better conditions for confrontation with Russia”. He added that Kiev and Brussels agreed that the gas pipeline must comply with the “letter of the EU's Third Energy Package.”

The construction of Nord Stream 2 was completed on September 10. The gas pipeline will run from Russia to Germany along the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Nord Stream 2 consists of two lines, each 1234 kilometers long. The gas pipeline capacity is 55 billion cubic meters per year.



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