In the Russian region, the incidence of COVID-19 decreased by 120 times

Epidemiologist Kozlovskikh: in the Sverdlovsk region, the incidence of COVID-19 has decreased by 120 times more than 120 times. This was announced by the head of the regional Rospotrebnadzor Dmitry Kozlovskikh at a briefing on measures to counter the spread of coronavirus, the broadcast is available on E1.RU.

According to the Russian epidemiologist, the dynamics of a decrease in the number of patients with coronavirus infection has been observed in the region since November 1 … Kozlovskikh noted that the decrease in the number of new cases of COVID-19 is associated with the introduction of QR codes in the region.

“Over the past two or three weeks, the growth rate has decreased by more than 120 times, since November 14, even a negative trend has been , there was a decrease in the incidence, “- said the chief sanitary doctor of the Sverdlovsk region.



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