General Director of Medical and Biological Federal State Unitary Enterprise was sentenced to 9 years for bribe in Moscow

An official of a medical agency in Moscow was sentenced to 9 years for a bribe of five million This was reported to “” on Monday, November 22, in the press service of the Moscow prosecutor's office.

According to the department, Alexey S, the head of the directorate of facilities under construction of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia in March 2019 received a large sum of money from the head of the capital firm. For the money received, he had to freely and without reservations accept all the work and services made by this company in the children's clinic.

The official was detained shortly after receiving the money. The Savelovsky District Court of Moscow took into account the position of the state prosecutor and gave the official, in addition to a nine-year strict regime, a fine of 25 million rubles. In addition, after his release, Alexander S. will not be able to hold any positions in government agencies for 10 years.



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