Former soloist of “Mirage” revealed the secret of losing weight by 30 kilograms

Former Mirage soloist Margarita Sukhankina lost 30 kilograms after surgery

the secret of losing 30 kilograms in nine months. The performer spoke about this on the air of the “Stars converged” program on NTV.

“I had almost 100 kilograms. I had an operation. I will honestly say: I went through all the diets, I tend to be overweight and I try to control myself all my life. The Kremlin diet, separate food, they slipped me some food, “eat green, red, separately.” I tried to be honest. It helped me until I was 40. My norm is 70 kilograms, in which I am now, “said Sukhankina.

The singer admitted that before the operation she could not bend down and tie her laces or zip her boots because of her belly. “It was a problem, I had a headache, I wanted to sit down, lie down, I was swollen all the time, I was just running past the mirror,” she recalled.

In July, Russian singer Grigory Leps spoke about losing weight by 12 kilograms during a pandemic and health problems. In February, singer Alexander Medvedev, acting under the pseudonym Shura, boasted of losing 35 kilograms.