ESG portfolio of VTB Leasing exceeded 11 billion rubles

VTB Leasing's green and social projects exceeded 11.4 billion amounted to 11.4 billion rubles. At the same time, energy-efficient transport accounted for 4.5 billion rubles.

VTB Leasing is exploring opportunities to increase its portfolio in ESG projects. It is planned to do this thanks to more flexible financing terms.

“In 2022 – 2023 we plan to introduce criteria for the ESG assessment of the lessee and take it into account when deciding whether to issue a lease. The company aims to finance projects aimed at reducing the negative impact on the environment, creating new jobs, improving transport mobility, and developing infrastructure. The introduction of ESG principles in the leasing sector would be stimulated by the provision of state subsidies and tax incentives for such projects, “said Dmitry Ivanter, VTB Leasing CEO.

Integration of ESG factors into the corporate governance system is in line with VTB Bank's sustainable strategy development for 2022 – 2025.

“The ESG agenda is becoming an increasingly important factor in global development in general and the leasing market in particular, because the main industry that leasing works with is transport, and a significant transformation is ripe here, which should lead to a decrease in emissions and the solution of many social problems, in particular, to an increase in the mobility of the population. VTB Leasing intends to offer the most interesting conditions for the implementation of such green and social projects and are ready to be as flexible as possible in their discussion, “Dmitry Ivanter emphasized.

The development of ESG financing will also be discussed at the 13th VTB Capital Investment Forum” RUSSIA CALLS! ” The forum will take place on November 30 and 1 online.